Auchendarroch House

The Auchendarroch House is a beautifully historic location for a wedding ceremony, nestled in amongst the majestic surrounds of Mt Barker’s parks and historic streets. Built in 1860, the house began its life in Mt Barker as the Oakfield Hotel, an upmarket playground for visitors to the region. As such the building is as majestic as one might expect and as a result has become a very popular venue for weddings.

Ceremonies usually take place on the adjacent grassy area, surrounded by curated gardens, while shade is provided by a beautiful, heritage listed oak tree large enough to fit entire congregations under.

For photos, generally bridal couples would use the gardens, and the house itself, while bridal parties are even allowed inside the house to make use of it’s unique architecture. A nearby public park is also within walking distance, and the historic main road of Mt Barker is right across the street.

The reception hall on site is a modern add-on to the old building, and is suitable for small to large wedding parties, with large windows overlooking the grassy area.