Mitcham Reserve

In the leafy foothills suburb of Mitcham sits Mitcham Reserve is a pretty public park available for wedding ceremonies. Tall shady trees, large expanses of green grass and the winding Brownhill Creek create the perfect atmosphere for a laid-back wedding close to the city centre. The creek is dry during the summer months, allowing bridal parties the opportunity to venture up the rocky creek bed for further picturesque photo opportunities. Underneath the stone archway is an idyllic place for the couple to have photos against a backdrop of hanging weeping willow branches. In autumn, many of the deciduous trees create striking backgrounds of oranges and yellows. Winter gets the creek water flowing at full force, forming lovely little cascades beneath the photogenic wooden foot bridge.

The most popular spot to hold ceremonies in Mitcham Reserve is the red-roofed gazebo, trimmed with white picket fencing against a backdrop of native gardens. Two fantastic playgrounds are available for kids – one aimed at younger children on the northern side of the creek and one for middle and senior kids on the south side. The junior play space has a cute two-storey leaning “elf tower,” a wooden horse and cart, weather vane, a colourful spiral slide and a double slide with ramp access. The senior play space has carved animal totem poles holding rope balances, and a sculpted rock stack for climbing.

Toilets are available on site, and like the rest of the park remain open to the public at all times. There are benches, picnic tables, shelters and electric barbecues present, as well as plenty of space to bring your own structures and furniture. There are two free car parking bays, as well as free side-street parking nearby in case they fill up. Approval for holding a wedding here can be sought through the Mitcham council at least two months prior to the big day, or three months if a temporary road closure is requested.

A memorial sculpture of a willow tree has recently been added to Mitcham Reserve, creating an enchanting art piece and bench. Dedicated to a much loved community family, the sculpture is made from copper pipes in the shape of a weeping willow tree, and has little copper “leaves” housing inscribed messages. Around the trunk is a circular wooden bench for guests to sit and enjoy the artwork.

Mitcham Reserve was the original village green and centre of colonial life for Mitcham Village since its establishment back in the 1840’s. It now has ample easy access to and from the city centre, being only 15 minutes by car or 30 minutes by bus. There is a bus stop right out the front, and Mitcham Railway Station is only 15 minutes walk away.

Also within walking distance is the heritage listed Edinburgh Hotel, a delightful pub with a leafy beer garden and light-filled dining spaces which are available as wedding reception options. Four function rooms here can cater for 10 to 150 guests for cocktail or seated soirees. There’s also a handy take-away liquor store in case supplies need to be topped up while at the park. Brownhill Creek Recreation Park is a 3 minute drive away, providing additional options for photoshoots in front of lush native bushland and by the scenic creek beds.

Although it’s next to the semi-main Old Belair Road, Mitcham Reserve is fairly quiet during off-peak travel times, maintaining a peaceful ambience on weekends and weekday afternoons. The park is a great choice for couples seeking a low-cost, laid-back and easily accessible option for their wedding ceremony. There are plenty of reception options nearby, as well as accommodation choices both in the city and surrounding suburbs.

Photography by SvenStudios

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