St Laurences Church

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St Laurences Church, situated in North Adelaide, is an old Catholic church established when North Adelaide was primarily farmland.
The style reflects the period in which it was built, with a dark timber roof inside, white painted walls, and enormous stained glass windows that illuminate the interior quite effectively for such an ancient church.

St Laurences Church building began on 10 March 1867 and was completed in the year.
On 10 January 1869, Bishop Lawrence Shiel dedicated the church. Other additions, including the sanctuary, confessionals, porch and pipe organ, were blessed on 13 February 1910.

The statues and windows in St Laurence’s are noteworthy. To the left of the sanctuary, and in a shrine, there is a statue of Jesus that proclaims his sacred name.

Other statues and windows honour Dominican saints as well as St Laurence.

St Laurence, the namesake patron of this church, is depicted holding a gridiron, the instrument of his execution, in alcoves in the nave. A sculpture of St Martin de Porres, one of Lima’s three Dominican saints, stands opposite. He is seen studying the crucifix in one hand and a broom in the other, signifying his dedication to the cross and manual labour.

Outside the sanctuary are two other statues: St. Thomas Aquinas on the left and St. Joseph on the right.

Another depiction in the nave window depicts Mary and the child Jesus handing the Rosary to St Dominic.

Weddings at this Church can be as personal, meaningful, and spiritual as you like. This church is a beautiful and one-of-a-kind venue to get married. The prayers, promises, and entire service of celebration become a part of your marriage on the wedding day and afterwards.

For the wedding ceremony, there are several choices you can make to personalise the ceremony. You and your spouse can pick up to two readings – one of which must be a Bible reading.

You can also pick your wedding prayers and music.

For your High Mass Wedding, no less than three priests and a slew of altar boys will lead the traditional Latin high mass in front of the gorgeous St Laurence’s church.

The High Mass will last around 90 minutes due to the tight procession and will conclude with all visitors participating in communion.

The lovely surroundings of St Laurence’s Church will provide a stunning background for the entire ceremony and make sure it is indeed a memorable occasion.

After the ceremony, you can use St Laurence’s beautiful interior to take pictures. You can have a group photo in front of the church.

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